Computing System


Opes is an all-purpose distributed supercomputer/grid computing system. It allows users to provide their computational power on the network in exchange for Eons. Eons are a crypto currency that will be used as a medium of exchange on all Opes platforms - either as a reward for providing computational power or for purchasing applications built on top of Opes


CGI Rendering

Animated content can be rendered in a matter of minutes.

Machine learning

For training neural networks.

Virtual Reality

Graphics are greatly improved by running on Opes

Scientific calculations

Power hungry calculations are processed quickly and cheaply


Leaph™ Data Bank, Cypto incentivised P2P cloud storage


Opes integrates innovative technologies into it's system.

Ethereum smart contracts

A consensus system ensuring transparency and security for the system’s participants

Grid computing

A distributed grid system that is highly efficient compared to data centers

Localized group supercomputers

Ability to cooperate as a community acting as one supercomputer


A rudimentary language by Opes that can be
used to custom tailor computational power


А decentralized cyptocurrency that is designed
to intergrate seamlessly with the Opes ecosystem

Relay networking

Work on the network is relayed to the best nodes

Opes Alpha


How will it work?

Users can either provide idle computer time to the opes network or dedicated a computer to doing work on the Opes network. Opes utilizes all modern PC resources (CPU, RAM, GPU, disks and network) and is powered by a cryptocurrency called Eon and these Eon's will be rewarded to each node according to how mcuh work it does.